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Question 1

Will I have to install LegalMate Allocate to my computer?

One of the benefits of LegalMate is that it's entirely cloud-based. That means there's nothing to install on your computer and no need to be on the look out for updates as we'll keep your LegalMate updated automatically.

Question 2

When and how do I pay for LegalMate Allocate?

LegalMate offers a monthly subscription plan that you can cancel at any time. Currently only credit cards are are accepted for payment.

Question 3

What kind of support is included with LegalMate Allocate?

We offer live support from a human! Drop us a line at and we'll get back to you quickly with help.

Question 4

Which team members should be added to LegalMate?

You should plan to include team members who will be in charge of managing bill splitting and your fee earners.