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Josh Schachnow
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Limitless opportunity

LegalMate is not limited to generic automation platforms like Zapier,, and We use a mix of existing tools and our own proprietary software to fit your firm's needs perfectly.

Works with your existing tools

LegalMate works with any legal and general business software you use for your firm including Office 365, Outlook, Clio, Gmail, Dropbox, MyCase, Box, Lexreception, LawMatics, NetDocuments, and more.

Green Card Automation

A new Green Card matter is created in Clio
A new folder structure is automatically created in OneDrive for the Green Card matter
Green Card documents are then detected in OneDrive and an email to the client is sent out
A new event entry in Clio Calendar after the email to the client is delivered
797 receipt notice detected inside OneDrive
If 797 hasn’t been detected within 1 month after submission
An email is sent to the client about thier submission statusA reminder email is sent internally to check up on submission
When 797 notice is detected a status update email is automatically sent to the client
A new event entry is created in Clio Calendar for 797 notice
Receipt notice task is marked completed
A new task for Biometric Appt is created
When a 797 notice detected inside OneDrive, automatically extract applicant # and input into Clio
When 797 Notice is detected, automatically send an status update to the client

Streamline your cases

Cases can involve a lot of small steps and tasks that add up in time and money. Do away with busy work and focus more on giving exceptional client experiences.

Why use LegalMate?

Client experience is paramount

Respecting and caring for your clients is our top priority. Think of LegalMate's team as an extension of your billing department.

Government filings funded

Move your cases through faster by having government filing fees paid to you upfront.

IOLTA and ABA compliance

LegalMate is built for legal and ensures you are compliant with the necessary requirements to protect you and your clients.

Grow client base

You can accept more clients with affordable payment plans and increase referrals thanks to a better client experience.

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